Thursday, September 30, 2010


2010-166:  SPANX

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5. CLOSING DATE WILL BE 6 October 2010


Many women agree that Spanx are the greatest invention ever. For those who haven’t heard of it, it is a body shaper that helps women look a size smaller. It is the modern equivalent of girdles, Spanx underwear re-shape any shaped body to make it look a little better.

A young entrepreneur named Sara Blakely founded Spanx in 2000 and started a revolution with the Spanx footless Body Shaping Pantyhose. Since then, these power panties have become a revolution, women can now have a slim silhouette with this ultra-comfortable shapewear.

Spanx brought back shapewear as it was designed to do in the past. Women have been using girdles for ages but it used to be a hidden part of the wardrobe. Now from skinny girls to curvy girls wear shapewear just as an extra support for tummy, thighs and rear, and all of them are proud of wearing these power panties. Spanx has also a wide range of products and a variety of colours of this incredibly effective underwear, that makes easier the choice.

Girdles vintage advertisements claimed for women to slim their silhouette but it was a non factor in fashion. “It smuggles years off your figure” was the slogan of this ad in which a woman wants nobody to know that she is wearing a girdle. Today no one uses the word ‘girdles’ anymore and women feel free and confident wearing Spanx.

It is remarkable that even young celebrities with perfect bodies are wearing this shapewear, from J.Lo , Jessica Alba, Beyonce Knowles, and Anne Hathaway to Drew Barrymore.

So shapewear is no longer a taboo subject! And so, even men have now the opportunity of wearing a control girdle. Spanx has also undershirts for men that give them a leaner silhouette, let’s see if men can feel as comfortable as we do with it.

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