Friday, October 22, 2010



Untuk semua tetamu yang keep asking discount from me and less and much much discount.... how to say ya? I try to give best offer for all but PLEASE... Do browse on other bloggers and compare the prices. Some bags are cheaper than here so please do some homework and research before you buy from me. Its Ok...

I cannot give same price as other bloggers because of many reasons. And one of the BIG reason is >> I  cant. Maybe some other days????  BUT... I try to consider and try to give less discount for serious customer.

So.... here my Rewards for your support... And hopefully all of you will enjoy to lepak- lepak here... Again and Again....

Buy anything from my Blog >>>>

And get your RM30 from us at khakishopping.blogspot. 
RM30 only for 1 customer in single invoice.
I will inform when I want to end this offer...

How to get you RM30?
1- Buy any items with min. RM500 in single invoice. ( NOT INCLUDE selling Price Items! )
2- Not entitle for installment plan.
3- Payment MUST be made within 48 hours. Its fair ok!
4- You can redeem your RM30 by CASH OR for DISCOUNT for your purchase...( i write in right words? hihi.... ^_^)

For Selling Price Item;
1- Buy any items in Selling Price and you can get RM10.
2- Payment MUST be made within 48 hours.
3- First Come First Serve ya!
4- For selling items, Stock is limited.  Once its gone, it will going back to normal price ( and means you entitle to get RM30 looorrr.... ^_^ )

Thanks for giving us opportunity to serve you. Luv ya! And enjoy shopping... ^_^

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